Formula 1 - Australia 2015.

I've been waiting for the start of the season and I feel very disappointed, instead of having 20 cars starting the race, only 15 started and 11 finished the race.I read everywhere the declarations from different teams, personalities, fans, ex-pilots, "we need a change". If Ferrari/Williams/Red Bull can't offer a real fight, the team Mercedes is going to dominate the season just like they did the last year.

This isn't what I wanna see, in the years when Ferrari won everything year after year (sorry Ferrari fans, no offence intended) I stopped watching F1. I started to see other races, Indy/CART were the option those years.  I re-started to watch F1 races "recentrly" and it was refreshing seeing other teams/pilots winning. With the recent changes the F1 is loosing (more) audience.

Bernie is not interested on getting the attention of new generations 'cause they don't have the money to buy the watch that we see in the commercial announcments. So who's going to be present at the races in the next years?

I'll leave you with a video "Ted's race notebook", he does a fast review of every team/pilot after each race. Btw, if you know of another guy that does better, please let me know.

UPDATE: Here used to be a YouTube video that was removed because of "multiple third-party notifications of copyright infrigement". Not mine, uploaded by someone else.
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