A 3D printed case or a designed laser cut case for a MinnowBoard MAX.

What to do if you can't get the extenders?  There must be a good reason, so I tried something else. I went back to check the 3D printed half case and my wife told me about a place near were she believed they had a 3D printer. I started to look at Google Maps, found the place and called.

I explained to the guy who pick up the phone that I had a board very similar to the Raspberry Pi/Arduino, asked him if he knew what I was talking about and he replied saying "Yes, recently I did a 3D printed case for a Raspberry Pi, come over and let's have a talk!".

Today in the afternoon I was at "makerlab" I provided the link to the "half case", asked about the prices but I was not really convinced about the half case, so we started to look at other images and this guy tells me, "look, I can use this as a base and design a new one for you using acrylic/laser cutter in about... two days".

I'm a desperate person. I really wanted a 3D printed case today!!!  So I just take a deep breath and agree to wait for the design from the makerlab guy.
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