Eviction attempt failed

Today the situation went out of control, the police throw tear gas at civilians trying to evict people blocking the main streets and other points to the east and west of the city

The protesters built barricades to immediately set them on fire, a helicopter flew over the area and chose to increase flight range because a "cuete" explode very very close to them.

At that moment I realize the risk that the pilot and those who are with him are exposed to (and the rest of us), if that "cuete" had reached the pilot or any important piece of the helicopter, it is very likely to crash over the houses or the area where teachers/other people were blocking.

Did they not think that could happen? Who would be responsible for the possible consequences? You feel the adrenaline running through your body as you try to protect yourself while watching people fleeing the police attack.

From a relatively safe point, I could see how the elements of the police threw tear gas at the roof of the houses and not to the protesters blocking the streets just three blocks away.

What's the point of doing that? Why?  In the end, the police stopped their advance because locals came out to demand to stop releasing gas as they were affecting elderly, pregnant women and children. And probably this wasn't even close to what people at other contries live day by day.
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