CNTE blocking main streets (again!).

Since May 15th, teachers part of CNTE/SNTE are blocking the main streets of Tuxtla Gutierrez, not the first time and certainly will not be the last time.
It doesn’t seem to finish soon, some days they are blocking gov buildings, schools, malls and the airport.

The thing is...  there's people who support this movement and there's people who doesn't agree with them, mainly people who rent a space / have a bussines in downtown.
Why?  because customers are affraid that police come to downtown and try to evict them or maybe people infiltrate and start a riot.

Some days a helicopter fly over downtown and teachers try to scare the pilot firing "cuetes".

I wish and hope that this claim/manifestation (call it the way you want), ends sooner than later or the the people from this city will suffer again and probably more than previous times, a note from 2014 with the city blocked by CNTE, floods in August 2015, unfinished work assigned by council since 2012/2013.