CERN donates supercomputer.

Today I found a note saying that the CERN donated a supercomputer to the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH).

"..12 tons of technology valued at two million dollars to create in this state, the Regional Laboratory of High Performance Computing."

And it continues "to build a 'mega server' that will detonate scientific research, database archiving and could support institutions in southeastern Mexico and Central America."

This is something that I question, in my country there are few people who choose to pursue a research career, positions are few and are not the best paid.

"Put together the super computer will take about two months, the project leaders said."

Assuming nothing goes wrong or anything was damaged in shipment or during installation. 

However, it is excellent news that the CERN donate so much equipment to college, I have desires to hear in the coming months that the equipment is operating and that there are enough projects using it, time will tell.

The link to the note, if you want to know more.