Call of Duty - Mega

My family had a great success giving me as a birthday present a couple of "MEGABLOKS" sets based on the "Call of Duty" videogame, for sure many of you have seen them at stores near to where you live.

These gifst made me very happy and also as a consecuence I shared a lot of time with them.

While we were assembling all the pieces, I kept looking at the boxes and I notice the coordinates provided. What location are providing? What could be at that place? I did some research and found a site where people were sharing their ideas and questions just like me.

Soon I found that the coordinates (for one of the sets)  takes you to:  4300 Rue Hickmore, Montréal, QC H4T 1K2. The company? Unisource.

 Using google to check the coordinates I saw the name of company at one of the front buildings, which happens to be a paper company, a customs importer AND also  MEGABLOKS headquarters.

So, What about the other set?  Where is the action taking place? Florida.   To which point is the sniper aiming? Probably to the sea trying to spot a submarine or a ship? Or to the shore and is about to shoot the enemies? That I'll leave it to you.