Who you gonna call ?

No, I'm not refering the theme song of that famous 80's movie. It's about the previous entry in my blog, let's say that you're not a company, you're just a person who are a victim of a cyber attack, now what?

Who you gonna call?  In the first years when there was an increased interest to access the Internet in Mexico a solid option was to call the UNAM-CERT, around 2002 the  government created a "Cybernetic Police" (http://www.ssp.gob.mx/portalWebApp/wlp.c?__c=f7124), people were struggling trying to reach them, it wasn't easy to create a report, you had to deal exactly the same you did with every other agency.

(Image linked from Forbes)

Around two years ago, the police of Mexicy City (SSPDF) created their own division, here's a note of  the announcement, they even have a twitter account: https://twitter.com/CiberneticaCDMX  which retweets more political notes that real info about network security or preventive actions.

And just few months ago, TELMEX ( the preponderant, monopolist ISP in MX) announced the "first cybersecurity center for Mexico and LatinAmerica" (no kidding!): "With these actions, TELMEX reiterates the commitment to make available to our customers, our infrastructure, technology and world class services to prevent and treat cyber attacks. Actions that complement the services that already have such as information technology, hosting, application development and systems, cloud platforms, unified communications, virtualization, among others.".

It would be interesting to know how many reports they get from end users, how many are resolved for real. So... Who you gonna call?.
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