I'm shutting down my Tor node.

I'm shutting down my Tor node. I'm doing this because my ISP (Axtel) for some unknown reason (for them) can't fix an issue with the Zhone gateway device.

This is affecting the way the Tor node works and if I can't offer a stable connection the best I can do is to shutdown the node. This does not make me happy but at least I could share some bandwith and I want to believe that people who really needed was able to use it.

For the history, this is the graph:

What's next?  Test the MinnowBoard MAX with Android / OpenBSD / FreeBSD / NetBSD / etc.  If you wonder what the issue is with the Zhone device, it keeps the dhcp address for all the connected devices but there's no connection to the Internet. Why? Axtel support does not have idea. Until now, all the answers that I get from them are lies.

Once, they told me that they applied a patch, that a firmware-update was needed another timethey  just did a reboot and asked me to check the connection. I was taking note of every excuse the told me so the last time that I reported the issue for every lie that they told me in the past I said that "it's done, what else are you going to try?".

So they came up again with the "firmware upgrade is needed".  I verified the version already installed and took note of everything that I could check. The lied again and just performed a reboot. And that's why I can't keep a stable Tor node online. Sad but true.