Are you prepared for a cyber attack?

"In less than 300 seconds you can experience the speed and intensity of a cyber attack. Today companies can defend themselves, taking control of the situation - effectively fighting back. Are you prepared?"

That's the text that describes the following video:

It's a very good dramatization of what could happen to your company or to you but, it's not that simple as calling a "company" and install/configure monitoring systems, firewalls, ids, honeypots, etc; in a very short amount of time.

This is only an example of attacks of the outside, the video assumes that you can trust your employees 100%.  I know by first hand that this is not entirely truth.

In my previous job, there was a guy who started to modify the established configurations and "helped" his friends to get some advantages that were not covered according to the contract that they signed.

His boss found the discrepancies on the configurations, they started to monitor what was going and got him. I knew later that they fired him, his name and other details were provided to similar companies assuming he wants to try something similar at other places.

Obviously, not all the people work this way or do illegal activities at work, you can trust people. The difficult part is to know who.
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