Lures and cases for my MinnowBoard MAX.

I considered several options to protect this board, I checked from the simplest (lures), 3D printed half case and a full case.

Trying to find the screw space extenders (I took the idea from the lures) is a pain, places like "Tornillos y Tornillos" didn't have them (they didn't recognize them!), I got recommendations to look at other business like "Herrajes Bulnes" but I just couldn't be there before they close, I did some calls explaining what I was looking for, I sent e-mails with pictures to someone at  "Tecnofijaciones" but got no answer from them.

I found only this web site ( with different sizes of the space extenders, would you believe me if I told you that I called and no one ever picked up the phone? I am really dissapointed 'cause I really want to get those extenders.

Will continue...