Laser cut acrylic case for MinnowBoard MAX.

I'ts been two days and I got a call from makerlab saying they had a "prototype" of the case and needed the board to verify/make adjustments to the design.

In the afternoon we had the first version of the case but with some adjustments/changes requested by the other autor of this blog, we paid the design and lef the board this night at makerlab so they could work on the case and provide the final result.

Today in the afternoon, I got the very first case (I requested a transparent) and had the chance to see the laser cutter in action (sorry about the poor quality of the video, the camera of my cell didn't work as expected).

I really like it in the transparent case but the green one also looks very nice!! 

There was something that was not considered....  the size of the USB keys / the mini HDMI connector.

 Also, the size of the transparent acrylic was "smaller" than the green, causing to be more difficult to assemble/disassemble it, and I payed the price.  I broke one of the pieces while I was trying to get the board out of the case, and despite that "little" accident the case seemed to keep the board safe.

 Only one more (and last!) visit to  do for the the final adjustments to the case and "voilà" our very own acrylic case for our MinnowBoard MAX!!
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