PS4, Battlefield 4, Playstation Plus and Bugs!

I finished playing "Battlefield 4" and found some bugs like this:

Almost at the end of the "Campaign" mode I'm inside the aircraft carrier and sudenly what I see is the city of Shangai and part of the sea after opening a door!

So what do I do? I close the door, open it again and nothing changes. I tought that if I kept walking maybe the game will follow me and will locate me inside the aircraft carrier.

That didn't happened and I fall into the sea and died.  If I found this bug in the "Campaign" mode, What can you expect from playing it online? I just poke around and found gamers complaining about their experience while playing online was not good.

I was very happy with Sony's PS3, buying games cheering/supporting them and against the "pay to play on line" mode from Microsoft but, now with the PS4 that's old history!

You have to pay a one year suscription of "Playstation Plus" to play online!!! I'm not paying/buying anything with bugs that was not properly tested.

There was another bug, while you got out to defend the aircraft, somehow the character was stuck and went out alone. Nothing was happening, it was like one of those chapters from "The twilight zone" (from the first revival).

I had to go back so the game will react to my movements and continue with the "Campaign" mode. And these are the bugs I found while playing, can't imagine how many were found by gamers while playing online.