Cyanogenmod 7 for Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830L

Cyanogenmod 7 for Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830L

The following steps explains what was done to have Cyanogenmod 7 installed on a Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830L, if you want to follow this steps you are doing it at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any damage done to your cell phone.

1.- You need to "root" your cellphone using one of this files: or
(for me, none of them worked at first try, they both worked on a second time, dunno why)

2.- To "unroot" use the file ""

The steps are explained here, if you can't reach the site I'm providing you a copy:

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace on andriod 2.3.3/2.3.4 gingerbread
Posted on September 29, 2011 by Praky G

Rooting android brings a plethora of cool new features. But it also results in loss of warranty.

Previously I showed you how to root your Samsung Galaxy Ace and avail all the benefits.
If you also rooted your galaxy Ace and want to unroot it to get warranty back or whatever reason, then this is the tutorial you are looking for.


    Download ‘’ file from here.
    Copy it to your Sd card root folder.
    Reboot phone in recovery mode (by Holding down Middle key and power ON key while booting)
    Select the option “update from SD card”  (by volume keys) & confirm by pressing middle key. Now select the file “” file  from memory card.
    It will take several seconds ,wait until the confirmation screen comes.
    Click on “reboot in normal mode” to restart the phone

Congrats!! You have successfully unrooted your galaxy ace running on android 2.3.4/2.3.3 & restored your warranty.

3.- Backup (Please, do a backup!)

I used Titanium Backup (there are some .apk over here) but feel free to use any other tool, the point is to have a good backup in case something goes wrong.

I used the basic version, and (used "lucky patcher", choosed "manual"),  but allows you to have a decent backup at your SD card, you can copy this backup later to your personal computer.

4.- Install ClockWorkMod (CWM)
More info over here 

I downloaded the file "Recovery" version 5.0.26 and saved to the SD card. Turn off your cellphone and start it on "Recovery Mode" (press and hold at the same time the Middle button and the Power button) until a menu is displayed.

Choose "Update from SD card" (move the volume buttons) and choose (with the middle button) the downloaded file.

Wait until the execution ends without errors and at the end choose "Reboot Device"
Start the cell phone and turn it off again.
Start the cell phone in "Recovery mode" (press and hold the middle button and the power button), you're done! You should see a change, that means you have it installed.
** Check the note at the end before doing anything!

5.- Download Cyanogenmod 7.2 from the official site:

cooper  stable  Direct Download: ( 84.20 MB 2012-06-15 22:11:18
Samsung Galaxy Ace md5sum: 8110b4c74b1adcde3ef0c4aff4814a5a Short URL:

Copy this file to your SD memory card.

6.- Do a "Nandroid Backup" using CWM, before installing Cyanogenmod 7 (which is the most stable I've tried so far).

Desde Xataka Android Respuestas nos llega una pregunta muy interesante. 

Fernando quiere saber si antes de rootear y cambiar la ROM puede hacer un backup completo y de alguna forma tener la posibilidad de dejar su móvil exactamente igual que cuando lo compró. La respuesta es sí, pero con matices. Vamos a ello.

Para hacer este tipo de backups primero hay que ser root y cambiar el Recovery. Es decir, primero hay que hacer unos cambios y cuando restauremos la copia de seguridad seguiremos siendo root y teniendo el recovery modificado, por lo que técnicamente no estaremos dejando el teléfono en el estado exactamente igual que cuando lo compramos. Sin embargo es una buena aproximación al estado original.

Una vez instalado un recovery modificado, tenemos opciones para hacer un Nandroid backup, que es un backup de toda la memoria del dispositivo. En concreto, el recovery más popular, el ClockWorkMod Recovery tiene esta opción en “backup and restore” y luego en “backup”. Si en algún momento queremos volver a la ROM original tenemos que darle a “backup and restore” y luego a “restore”. Si sólo queremos restaurar una partición tenemos el “advanced restore”.

Cuando hagamos el backup se creará una carpeta en la tarjeta SD (o si el Android no tiene SD en la carpeta /sdcard/)
llamada clockworkmod y dentro habrá otra carpeta llamada backup. En esta última habrá una carpeta por cada backup que hayamos hecho, es decir, este proceso lo podemos seguir tanto para hacer backup de la ROM original como de cualquier ROM que tengamos instalada (y de hecho es recomendado si cambiamos de ROM o si la actualizamos, por si  algo va mal). Es recomendable guardar estos backups en algún otro sitio, como por ejemplo el ordenador de casa.

Siempre que instalamos una ROM algo puede ir mal, por ejemplo nos podemos haber equivocado de versión al descargar o a lo mejor hemos hecho una actualización que no debía hacerse, o no hemos hecho el wipe requerido. Y por ello debemos siempre tener una Nandroid backup. Aunque el teléfono no arranque el recovery no suele verse afectado,
y podemos recuperar el último backup y volver al estado anterior como si nada. Yo diría que es un paso imprescindible
antes de instalar una ROM.

After doing the "Nandroid Backup" choose one of these options to install CyanogenMod 7.


    ClockWorkMod Recovery installed
    Android 2.3.4 installed on your cell phone
    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830L, (this doesn't apply to Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i or S5830M)

  • Do a backup of your ROM (Recomended!)
  • Turn off your cell phone, start it in "Recovery mode" (middle button + power)
  • At menu "Recovery" select "wipe data/factory reset" then "Yes"
  • Once it's done, choose "wipe cache partition"
  • Then go to "Advance" and select  "Wipe dalvik cache"
  • Now go to "mount and storage" and select "Format system"
  • Without leaving the "Recovery mode" select "Install custom zip" and choose the filer downloaded previously “"”"
  • Copy the file "" to the root of the SD memory,  after install "Google Apps", using the option "Install custom zip" and select the .zip file for Google Apps
  • Restart your device.


    ROM files

Follow this procedure:
  • Do a backup of your ROM (OPTIONAL but recommended!)
  • Turn off your cell phone, Start it in "Recovery Mode"(middle button + power)
  • Now, before installing we must have to do a "WIPE", at the menu select "“wipe data/factory reset" and "yes"
  • Once done, select "“wipe cache partition"”
  • Go to  "Advanced"” and select "“Wipe dalvik cache”"
  • Now go to  "“mount and storage"” and select "“Format system”"
  • Now from "Recovery" (menu button + power) select "“Install custom zip"” and select the file downloaded previously 
  • When done, install the file for  "GAPPS" (these are the google apps, like "Play Store")
  • Restart (first time always take longer)

*** The installation failed with error 7

Opening update package...
Installing update...
assert failed : getprop("ro.product.device") == "cooper" || getprop("") == "cooper" || getprop("ro.product.board") == "cooper" || getprop("ro.product.device") == "GT-S53830" || getprop("") == "GT-S53830" || getprop("ro.product.board") == "GT-S53830"
E:Error in /sdcard/
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.

This was because the downloaded version of CWM was incorrect, I did a "restore" and I found that the version is v4.0.0.9 (this version doesn't work).  So I applied my restore and downloaded another package of CWM from here.

I downloaded version for CWM and the ROM / Google Apps installed without problems.

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