OpenBSD Wallpaper.

I made a theme for WindowMaker, when I was using OpenBSD a few years ago.

I took as base an image from a T-Shirt that belongs to the openbsd site. I modified this file with "The Gimp". There were three layers so I took the one with the "happy daemon" and the final result is the image you see to the left.

I sent this file to a friend (Heinz Holtschmit) so he could plublish it on the openbsd mexican group website but, something happend between some members of our community and "" dissapeared.

That was very sad because I knew many friends there but, that's another history.

Maybe in the future I'll do something for KDE or Gnome, and for some BSD (Net, Open or Free) or maybe for an specific Linux distribution I don't know yet, it depends on what free operating system I'm going to use in the (near?) future.

But for the moment, hope you like this.
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